Urology Associates

new site, new brand

When we started this project Urology Associates didn't have much of a brand or any standards for their marketing. We knew we wanted to use this as an opportunity to not only redesign their website, but to also use their site as the brand guide for all future marketing pieces to follow.

First, we reconfigured their logo with a new typeface, created a color palette and also implemented a new photography style for the brand. A modern, clean san serif font replaced the outdated serif font, allowing the user to read through the content more comfortably and with ease. Then content was reorganized and restructured in a way that highlights the services and the doctors more predominantly. The oversized navigation for the services lets the user pick which service they are looking for right in the navigation, without having to go deeper into the site. The end result was a site that has easy-to-find content, a professional but patient-friendly new look and a 66% increase in website traffic in just six months.









Website by: Craig Erskine