Social Media Management

Social media has become one of the most popular ways people communicate and find information. No longer do they pick up the phone to talk to a business or organization when they have a question. Instead, they jump online and head to a social media platform like Facebook or Twitter to get what they need. For that reason, it’s imperative you have a solid social media strategy as part of your digital marketing plan, and Legato Digital makes that happen for our clients.

What is Social Media Management?

It’s the practice of managing a business or organization’s online brand across different social media platforms. Some of the more popular ones include Facebook and Twitter, along with LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube. The key to social media management is to have your brand message align across all your platforms while also actively posting to each and regularly engaging with users and followers.

The Reason It’s Important

When social media began, it was okay just to have a social media page for your business or organization and that was it. You didn’t need to really do anything with it, just have it. However, things have changed. Now, social media pages have become the face of your business or organization’s brand online in addition to a published website. For that reason, your social media pages need to be on point since you only have one chance to make a good first impression or your customer will move on to your competitor’s page.

Our Social Media Management Services

There’s actually quite a lot that goes into social media management and in short, it takes time and time is what a lot of people don’t have. And, that’s where we can help with our services:

  • Social media audit
  • Customer research and targeting
  • Strategizing and planning
  • Creating shareable content
  • Coordinating social media posts
  • Monitoring social media pages
  • Social media reporting

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