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Create a community magazine
for your rural healthcare organization

It’s easy. It’s cost effective. And it’s 100% customizable.

Legato Healthcare Marketing’s community magazines offer a unique way of reaching your audience. It’s not a sales piece, it’s not “junk mail,” it’s an informative and engaging magazine that keeps your organization top of mind. When you produce a magazine, your readers have an exclusive look into the working of your organization. They feel a sense of ownership as they learn about the latest offerings or read about a star employee. The magazine is an essential component of creating goodwill and connection between your organization and the communities you serve.

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“We loved the idea of using our local people to interview and photograph for Engage – people absorb more when they are hearing and seeing familiar faces.” 

Kim Turbeville, Administrative Director
Howard Memorial Hospital


Your community magazine features:

  • Compelling stories, not ad copy
    • Focused on your community, not only your organization
  • Experiences at your hospital through the perspectives of real people
    • Patient stories
    • Employee or community spotlights
  • Content related to key services within your organization
  • Professional design

See how customized content can help you engage consumers, build your brand, and increase patient volume & revenue.


Legato Fully
Customized Community
Magazine Package

Other National
Title development Yes _
Customized cover Yes Yes
All customized content Yes _
Content can be reused Yes _
Photography: yours, stock photos
and/or coordination of local
photo shoot(s)


Readership surveys Yes _

CMS Provider Reimbursement Reminder. Check to see if the packages discussed here may provide a tax advantage for your facility based on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) reimbursement guidelines. CMS Pub 15-1, Chapter 21, Section 2136, may be a point of reference.


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