For Legato Healthcare Marketing, there is one sole purpose when creating a brand - make it charismatic, memorable, and long-lasting.

We’re proud to say we’ve achieved this for many rural healthcare organizations, and clients outside the industry as well. Since the founding of our firm more than 12 years ago, we do this with the knowledge that people respond emotionally to what they see and hear.

Our charge is to influence an emotional response through design and messaging that delivers positive experiences and encourages trust in your organization or business.

Solid Brands are Born through Collaboration

The Legato brand development process takes a coordinated effort with the hands-on participation of key internal stakeholders working in tandem with us. Side by side, through collaborative sessions with our clients, we seek input and frequent reaction to help create a brand that aligns with your organization’s vision and future strategy. Essentially, we guide each other through creating a new brand identity.  

This collaboration starts at the very beginning of the process, when we take a deep dive into understanding the brand you aspire to be right up to final implementation. Through our hard work together, the result will be a brand promise and strategic communications plan your organization can believe in, because you will have had a hand in its construction.

The Legato Branding Approach

There is no simple formula for determining a new brand identity for any organization, however, we’ve developed a proven branding approach that incorporates the following steps:

  1. Discovery – Understanding the strengths, weaknesses, and goals of your brand. Determining a name, identifying challenges and opportunities, and creating a brand personality.
  2. Logo Creation – No brand will ever be successful without a well-thought out logo, backed with research and key design ideas.
  3. Developing Brand Standards – We develop guidelines for how your logo and brand personality should and should not be used.
  4. Brand Rollout – Once a new brand is created, we will help market and advertise it through a wide range of traditional and non-traditional channels.

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